Report: Jersey City is getting smarter, and faster than any other city!

JERSEY CITY – According to a report posted online by, Jersey City topped a list of 20 municipalities that have seen the greatest population increases among highly educated, skilled professionals. Jersey City – the only New Jersey municipality that made the list – experienced a 13.17 percent increase in educated adults between 2000 and 2011, according to Bloomberg. That percentage was greater the gains experienced by Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., three cities that made the list but ranked lower than Jersey City. Interestingly, New York City and Los Angeles did not make the list at all.
The cities included in Bloomberg’s top 10 cities include: 1) Jersey City (with an increase of 13.17 percent); 2) Atlanta, GA (with an increase of 11.46 percent); 3) Washington, D.C. (with an increase of 11.39 percent); 4) Arlington, VA (with an increase of 10.44 percent); 5) Portland OR (with an increase of 9.36 percent); 6) St. Louis, MO (with an increase of 8.64 percent); 7) Seattle WA (with an increase of 8.61 percent); 8) Pittsburgh, PA (with an increase of 8.20 percent); 9) Scottsdale, AZ (with an increase of 8.05 percent); and Chicago IL rounds out the list at No. 10.

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