Prayer and the light rail

Dear Editor:
Experiencing reality of prayer as I was getting myself together today, in my daily commute from Guttenberg (I’m formerly a Hoboken resident), I began praying, and was so focused on covering everything and everyone in prayer, asking God to bless, provide and bring spiritual growth into our lives.
While I was walking to the Hudson Bergen LightRail, I was praying for my teachers and their travels; for the drivers of buses and trains to be safe, and drive safely. When I got to school (Chiron Business Solutions, 30 Montgomery St, Jersey City), I noticed my teacher was late … very late. I didn’t think anything of it, but just keep my focus on praying and talking with a woman who shared faith with me as we waited for class to begin. Another teacher came to our class and declared that our teacher’s train was in an accident, which explained why he was late for class! We asked if he was alright and how bad the accident was, but no word was given about anything specific, so we waited. A short while passed, and our teacher (Sal) arrived, unhurt by what had happened in his commute to New Jersey from New York! He shared with us how he’s heard of accidents like that happen, but never experienced being in one himself… it makes you think about experience. Do we really experience the power of prayer?
I’m grateful Sal is alright, and pray for any who were hurt… I wonder, what would’ve happened if I didn’t pray? And why was praying specifically today about my teachers so important? Now I know, we don’t always know what can take place in our travels, so praying is important everyday!

Kim MacDonald

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