Who took away our mailbox on Prospect Ave. and 22nd Street?

To the Editor:

I would like to know who the genius was in the post office who took away our mailbox on Prospect Avenue and 22nd Street. I have been a resident of that area for well over 85 years. If we ever needed a mailbox, it is now. We have churches, schools, people using the light rail, who would be happy to drop their mail at that spot. Let us not forget the workers at the Crossing. The nearest box is on 26th and Prospect Ave. and another on 23rd Street past the YMCA. I am a senior citizen who uses a cane to get around and there is no way that I could get to either drop-off. I have bills to send out and I have no intention of paying via computer. More of my mail is taken by my sons and sent from their post office. Come on geniuses give us back our mailbox.


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