Former Healy Chief of Staff McFadden leaving Fulop administration

JERSEY CITY – Rosemary McFadden, former Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy’s ex-chief of staff who was shifted into the city’s Department of Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce last month by new Mayor Steven Fulop, has resigned from her new post, according to sources at City Hall.
McFadden is now the second top Healy aide to leave the Fulop administration abruptly in recent days. Last week, Business Administrator Jack Kelly announced his resignation. McFadden and Kelly were both expected to stay on in the Fulop administration for at least a few months to help with the transition.
An attorney by profession, McFadden worked for the New York Mercantile Exchange for several years before becoming its president and chief operating officer. Healy later selected McFadden, a longtime friend of his, to be his deputy mayor for economic development. She became Healy’s chief of staff in 2010, replacing Dominick Pandolfo.
Often referred to as the person who really ran City Hall during Healy’s later years in office, McFadden wielded formidable power and developed a reputation for being an iron lady. Some city employees said they found her difficult to work with.
Still, she was regarded as one of Healy’s most competent and professional aides and some thought her move into the Department of Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce by Fulop was a smart move that might make tap her Wall Street experience to improve the department.
(Some ex-Healy aides were, however, surprised that she seemed prepared to stay on to work under the new administration.)
Throughout her tenure as Jersey City employee, McFadden worked for $1 a year, although she did receive health benefits. – E. Assata Wright

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