There’s no transparent government in Union City

Dear Editor:
I cannot help but laugh when I read letters from people like Raul “Pico” Marquez claiming that Brian Stack runs a transparent government. This is not true. I have had to file four lawsuits against him and Union City seeking public information.
If Stack is so transparent, how is it that the public still does not know the full details of the FBI raid on Union City’s City Hall this year? When asked at a commission meeting if he (Brian P. Stack) received a target letter from the FBI he refused to answer. How come Stack refuses to state who all these city officials are who have been referenced in federal complaints? Pico, there is no transparency in Union City; Stack only feeds the public the good news. The bad news (and there is plenty) is kept from the public.
As for Pico’s claim that Stack could be governor, think again. Since Stack has become mayor he has not once balanced a budget without transitional aid from state taxpayers. This year alone, Stack relied on $11.8 million from the state. When that was not enough he asked for and received a loan for another $5 million. In addition, he received $2.9 million from the Port Authority. Union City taxpayers should wonder what will happen if state aid is reduced next year.
If you look at his election fund, you can see that he is in debt $611,817 and counting. Check the last financial filing for the Brian P. Stack Civic Association and you will see another deficit. If Stack cannot fiscally run a city one square mile with 66,000 people and his own personal finances, why do you think he can run a state? Handing out free turkeys and hot dogs might work in Union City, but I doubt it will work on a state level.
As for your claim he will remain mayor as along as he wants; I agree with you, but for different reasons. I suggest you study socialism and read up on people like Castro and Chavez. If you understand the theories and the leadership styles they employed then you will understand the real reason Brian Stack maintains control.

Joe Blaettler
Morristown, N.J.

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