Give peace a chance

Dear Editor:
Monday August 5th is again Universal Peace Day. It is the 68th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the day that forever changed our world. The Universal Peace Initiative asks for the ringing of bells throughout the world and calls it “A Peal for Peace”. Their mission is:
• To bring people around the world together to share their vision of peace.
• To commemorate the exact moment of the bombing, 7:15 p.m. our time.
• To transform a remembrance of horror into a rededication to life.
The hope is that the sound of these bells will trigger an awakening for all that hear them. If there are no church bells within ear shot, you, alone or with others, can ring your own bell. Just stop for a moment, recall Hiroshima and reflect on the world as it is now. There are wars and more wars and death everywhere. Perhaps together we can find a way to “give peace a chance”. My wish is for peace in our homes, peace in our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities that will eventually spread out into the larger world.
You can learn much more about the aftermath of Hiroshima, this peace project and Monday’s activities by visiting
There will be a Peace Concert and you can be part of a Global Bell Ringing Ceremony that will take place in Union Square Park in front of the Gandhi statue,

“Peace be with you”,
Rosemary Orozco

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