CAUGHT ON TAPE: Alleged vandalism of Hoboken businesses

HOBOKEN – If you’ve lived in Hoboken a while, you’ve probably seen them: Overturned planters outside Washington Street businesses. But who are the culprits?
Apparently, on at least one occasion this week, video has been attained of such an act.
Muller Insurance, a longtime Hoboken business, posted a video to its Facebook account on Wednesday showing two men apparently moving planters that the business had placed outside its Washington Street storefront.
In the video, two men (one already carrying property belonging to another business) walk past Muller’s, apparently dumping a planter in the process. According to a Muller’s employee, Judith Tanini, this is not the an isolated incident.
“This is the third time in two months,” she said. “The first time we found out it was a just a local crazy guy, but this video clearly shows that this is two guys out to cause problems.”
Tanini said that after the video was posted to the company’s Facebook profile, two other businesses — a real estate office and a restaurant — contacted Muller’s to say that they had also been vandalized.
Tanini said that the police had not been contacted yet.
“It’s just very frustrating,” she said. “You try to make something beautiful and it just gets destroyed.”
Take a look at the video here.

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