Enjoying the Summer

Dear Editor:
The nicer weather is now upon us. Outdoor barbecues and backyard parties give families a chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Invite your friends over, but please be considerate of your neighbors. Most everyone loves music, but is it really necessary to play it so loudly that the whole neighborhood hears it? I don’t think so and I hope that each and every person that reads this will realize that you can still enjoy the outdoors without becoming a nuisance. Play your music, but realize that many people would like you to turn the volume down!
Most people like to enjoy their downtime enjoying the great outdoors without the unnecessary boom boom boom of the stereos throughout the whole neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what time the music is played in that manner, it is just wrong to do so. Not everyone works days with weekends off. Many people have to work nights or the midnight shift. So I implore you to consider your neighbors and keep the noise down! It is nice to be nice. These days life is very stressful and anything that can be done to help ease the tension helps everyone.


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