Value of proper nutrition

To the Editor:
The members of the Bayonne Our Lady of Mount Carmel Senior Citizens Organization would like to thank the Bayonne Medical Center, Diana Cangemi, nutrition manager; Susan Taylor, public relations, marketing director; and Christine Yesinko, public relations for providing such an interesting presentation on nutrition at our April 9 meeting.
Ms. Cangemi gave a very informative, interesting, and easy-to-understand presentation on the value of proper nutrition, especially as it applies to us seniors. Many questions were asked and answered. We thank her for an enjoyable session as well as Ms. Taylor and Ms. Yesinko for their help.
We offer thanks to the Bayonne Medical Center for having many lectures and seminars on various subjects which are of interest to the entire community of Bayonne, as well as for the refreshments at our meeting.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel