Climate Reality Revisited

To the Editor:

When I read Jan Moore’s letter to the editor, “We must see the Climate Reality” from last week I laughed because last year I read some articles stating that some scientists were saying that a new ice age was coming, that solar activity on the sun was effecting the weather on Earth, the ice sheets were growing in the polar regions, and other reports saying the complete opposite. As for Al Gore, he is nothing but a limousine liberal hypocrite. He has made tens of millions of dollars off the global warming agenda and made more money selling his former TV station to a Middle Eastern fossil-fuel producing country. Some of these environmentalists wanna turn America back to the 19th century with their agendas. The Earth has been here for four billion years. It has been through its ups and downs. There have been storms far worse than Sandy throughout its history, and during the age of dinosaurs, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide were much higher than they are today, and the climate warmer as well.


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