Vote for Walker

Dear Editor:
The mayoral race is a couple of weeks away and it’s time for a real change. As a proud supporter of Jerry Walker, I know he is going to pull an upset election. What people need to realize is that between now and election day anything can happen. One thing I can say is that no one should be taken as a joke because in the end you may have wished you have bitten your tongue from the beginning.
The reason why I’m supporting Jerry Walker is because he is all about helping the youth in Jersey City. He understands the struggles of single parent households and middle class families. He has always been here. It’s funny how some candidates act like they care for our children around election time. But Jerry Walker is the complete opposite. He has always had the back of Jersey City families like no other.
On Tuesday May 14th, please make the right choice by casting your vote for Jerry Walker for Mayor-1A. He is the only candidate that can relate to a average life in Jersey City. He also is not using our city as a stepping stone nor in favor of special interests like Steven Fulop. Fulop is the biggest hypocrite who currently sits on the city council. He says one thing is wrong but does the same thing trying to manipulate the system. Now he claims to care for Jersey City so much yet votes no on everything Mayor Healy tries to do. Also it’s funny how Fulop now cares for residents in Wards A & F because in the beginning he didn’t. He is doing anything for a vote which is sad. This is why our city is the shape it is now because of Fulop. He has been on the council for almost 8 years and has done nothing except oppose everything. This is why he is trying to buy the election.
Bottom line, Steven Fulop is a Wall Street one percenter who can care less about the life of a family in Jersey City. He is all about himself and wants to dictate people’s lives just like with the Board of Ed emails. If you don’t do things his way, he is like a big kid and keeps attacking you. Jersey City needs a Mayor who will stand up for all people. We need a family man who understands values and principles. We need someone who was born and raised here who can relate to the community. Lastly, we need someone who will be our friend in city hall and get the job done and that’s Jerry Walker. Don’t forget 1A- Tuesday, May 14th!

Demetrius Terry

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