Dear Editor:
I am writing to express my opinion on the West New York ordinance set to be revoked, that regulates signs and banners displayed in the town. I lived in W.N.Y. well over 20 years. and certainly have an interest in the town’s well being. Some bad jokes are laughable, and this ordinance certainly is. It is my opinion that this sign ordinance is a knee jerk reaction of Mayor Roque to suppress signage that represents him in a derogatory way.
He is an indicted mayor, and this may be a way to deflect the adversarial political arrows aimed at his persona as a mayor. I agree with the mayor when he says “innocent until proven guilty.” That is the American way. However; denying, preventing, regulating signs and banners is not. Is this ordinance an attempt to improve the facade and quality of living in the town, or an attempt to block mobile advertising, and other signs that place the mayor and his administration in a negative light. I believe it is the latter. This writer certainly will not liken Mayor Roque and his administration to any communist or socialist government. However; this ordinance certainly is – Dictatorish.

Jose A. Chinea
North Bergen

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