Dead body found in stairwell of Hoboken housing projects near drug paraphernalia

HOBOKEN — According to, police found the body of a 47-year-old man in the stairwell of a public housing building in Hoboken on Friday night.
The body was found next to a flight of stairs leading to the roof of 320 Jackson St., a building in the Hoboken projects.
The story said that the county Prosecutor’s Office was not sure yet where the man lives, but he does not live in the building. Drug paraphernalia was found near the body.
The Hoboken Housing Authority projects were the site of a high profile drug bust two weeks ago when a meth lab was found in one of the units (see links below for prior stories). The Reporter’s Police Beat often cites cases of people from other towns or neighborhoods trespassing in the projects and being arrested for drug use.
The projects have a policy of evicting anyone who faces drug charges. However, such regulations have not stopped drugs from making their way into the neighborhood.
Homicide investigators are looking into this case, but it was not known Friday night whether it was a homicide or an accidental death.
The death was ruled suspicious, according to the story. An autopsy is pending.

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