Holy Family Academy to Close

BAYONNE — Jennifer Mulcahy, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Holy Family Academy in Bayonne, issued the following statement Friday regarding the future of the school:
“It is with great sadness that I must announce today that the current senior class will be the last one to graduate from Holy Family Academy. Despite our best efforts, hard work and enthusiasm, we have been unable to overcome the daunting financial challenges of financing and running a private high school with a consistent decline in enrollment in this difficult economy. We have explored every available means of keeping our doors open but in the end, we remain unable to reconcile the cost of providing a high-quality, Catholic education with the available revenue sources to do so. We make this decision after much contemplation and with a heavy heart. Our focus for now is on completing the current school year, advancing our graduating class and assisting with the placement of our other students. The Holy Family experience is one that can only truly be appreciated if you experienced it. On behalf of the entire Holy Family Academy community we would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. The board is also grateful to the administration, faculty and staff for their dedication and commitment to Holy Family throughout the years. Holy Family Alumni throughout the world will keep the spirit of this great institution alive for years to come.”
Mulcahy continued, “As we work to wind down our operations, we have a serious obligation to our current students to continue to provide them with a world-class Catholic education until the very last day in June.”
To this end, the school will continue its fundraising efforts and school activities. “We still have lessons to teach and bills to pay,“ said Rev. Joseph Barbone, a member of the board.
The board is calling upon alumni and the community at large to support the school during its final days. “Let us work together to finish what we started,” said Mulcahy. If you would like to make a final gift to help them meet their financial obligations please call 201.339.7341.

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