Squirrels Continued

To the Editor:

In response to Kathy Laytos letter in the Bayonne Community News, April 10 issue: Here are some facts you need to know: Bayonne City Ordinance Article 7 Wildlife states the following:
“5-26 FEEDING OF WILDLIFE AND ANIMALS. No person shall feed birds, rodents, or any other non-domesticated wildlife on public streets, sidewalks, parks and/or public places. (1972 Code § 6-26).”
You are breaking the law when you feed your beloved wildlife. I believe all these actions are against the law, as is the action of feeding wildlife in city parks, public streets, sidewalks, and public places as stated in the city ordinance. My child’s safety as well as anyone else’s safety is of far greater importance than your right to break the law.
Per city officials I’ve spoken with, the squirrels in this particular park are being so brazen as a result of people feeding them. I teach my children to respect the law.
When you defend squirrels as “not harmful to anyone unless they feel threatened,” you should know that my daughter was sitting on a bench taking a rest from her playing with no food in hand, nor was she threatening the squirrel. Anyone who knows me as a parent knows that I don’t condone any wrongdoing by my daughters, so before you say it, I am not that parent that says “not my kid.”
I applaud you in your efforts to feed animals on your own property. It is your own property. Do what you want. However, when your wildlife have to rely on humans for food, there is a problem.
As for buying a homeless person a slice of pizza, I don’t believe that is a health hazard or against the law, but please correct me if I am wrong, is there a city ordinance in regard to this because I looked, and I couldn’t find one. When you state, “Because they are a nuisance,” are you calling a homeless person or someone down on their luck a “nuisance?”
As for teaching my children to love and respect animals, you should know that we own two dogs totaling 300, pounds, both of whom are rescues. My involvement in procuring the water fountain for the dog park as well as the dog-bag dispensers, the ashtray, replacement of benches, and the ramps for the park is a direct example of loving and respecting animals. Not to mention the countless phone calls and hours attending meetings with city officials regarding the dog park, which is a direct example of loving and respecting animals. My involvement with fostering animals, and yes, most were pit bulls, is a direct example of loving and respecting animals. We are an animal-friendly household, but you just assumed we are not. I don’t appreciate someone telling me what to teach my children, especially when they already know what you are telling me to teach them.
As for Santa Claus, yes Ms. Laytos, you are correct, some children are afraid of Mr. Claus. Just imagine what would happen if he pounced on said child and dug his claws into the child. The term wildlife that you kept mentioning in your response is just that, wildlife, because they are not domesticated.
Thank you for your concern for wildlife and not the safety of a child. It speaks volumes!


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