Associated Press article looks at newcomers/old-timers divide in Jersey City and Hoboken

JERSEY CITY AND HOBOKEN — In next month’s Jersey City mayoral election, thirtysomething professional Steve Fulop, the downtown councilman, challenges longtime resident Jerramiah Healy. The Associated Press published a story on Sunday looking at the fact that several major New Jersey cities, like Jersey City, are seeing an influx of young professionals who are changing the election landscape.
It’s not necessarily a new story, but it is the first time in a while that the newcomer/old-timer divide in Hudson County politics has made national news.
(The Reporter ran a story related to the divide in Hoboken last year; click here.
The AP story (click here) also mentions Hoboken as a city that has seen political effects due to the divide. The Hoboken mayoral election will be held in November.
The story claims that, “Other [newcomers] have moved into brownstones around a New Jersey-New York subway station, where some old-timers occasionally yell out to the ‘yuppies,’ or using a term that Jersey City natives have adopted, ‘interlopers.’ ”
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