Town must refund $1.1M in tax appeals

Commissioners pass resolutions, award contracts

The North Bergen Board of Commissioners introduced, at their meeting last week, a $1.1 million bond ordinance to spread out tax appeal costs over several years for property owners who have filed successful tax appeals.
Herb Shaw, a frequent critic of Mayor Nicholas Sacco’s administration and candidate in this week’s school board election, was the sole resident who addressed the commissioners during the April 10 meeting. Shaw questioned Township Administrator Christopher Pianese about the bond ordinance.
“A hundred and fifty appeals are the result of what you’re looking at now,” said Pianese.
Shaw asked Pianese why taxes wouldn’t be increased instead of issuing a refunding bond ordinance.
“The reason you do an ordinance is to hopefully pay them back in more than one year,” said Pianese. “To take the burden of a million dollars in one budget becomes too much on the tax rate. I don’t think any taxpayer wants to see an increase and we try to just spread it out.”
Pianese said the ordinance can’t be fully adopted until the Local Finance Board approves it.

Ordinances and resolutions

An amendment to an existing ordinance was introduced to extend the amortization and replacement schedule for electricity and plumbing Housing Authority properties. It will be changed from five years, which was considered unrealistic, to 15 years.
An ordinance was adopted setting rates for off-duty police officers. Hourly rates for those doing non-road details will be $48 for officers and $50 for supervisors. Hourly road details are $60 for officers and supervisors.
An ordinance was adopted to prohibit entry from Secaucus Road to Bove Terrace and from Secaucus Road onto Liberty Avenue from Monday through Friday between the hours of 4 to 7 p.m. The penalty for violation of the ordinance will be a fine of $61 and $24 for court fees.
An ordinance was introduced regulating the issuance of permits for parades. Permits must be obtained 30 days in advance of the proposed parade, procession, or pedestrian demonstration. Applicants must obtain a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million designating the township as insured with respect to any liability occasioned by the parade. Once the permit is issued the parade’s route, start and end time will be designated. Anyone who violates the provisions of this ordinance will receive a fine not to exceed $500 or imprisonment for a term no longer than 30 days, at the discretion of the municipal court judge.

“To take the burden of a million dollars in one budget becomes too much on the tax rate.” – Township Administrator Chris Pianese
Robert Scudieri was authorized for payment of accrued sick leave time for a total amount of $75,684, which he is entitled to under the “Salary & Wage Adjustment Program.”
The Hudson County Board of Freeholders passed a resolution on Feb. 28 authorizing the transfer of a water truck to the Township of North Bergen, and on Wednesday the commissioners officially took delivery of the vehicle.
The commissioners approved a request from 1122 53 Street Urban Renewal, LLC, which entered into a Financial Agreement on Feb. 1 with the township, to assign the agreement to RK 53 Urban Renewal, LLC.
A resolution was authorized for the disposal of surplus property on an online auction website, There are 52 items of surplus property that range from a 1999 Jeep Cherokee to flotation pumps.

Contracts awarded

Remington & Vernick Engineers and Affiliates of Secaucus, a firm of licensed professional engineers, was awarded a contract for professional services starting April 15 and ending Dec. 31.
Goldman Beale Associates of Livingston were awarded a contract to act as Municipal Financial Advisor. The contract period is May 1 to April 30, 2014 with $200 per hour and a $25,000 cap.
Lowest bidder Pennetta Industrial Automation of Jersey City was awarded a 24-month contract in the amount of $75,375 for maintenance and repair of HVAC units and systems.
Lowest bidder New Jersey Overhead Door LLC of Manalapan was awarded a 12-month contract in the amount of $21,345 for garage door repair, replacement and installation to all Township buildings.

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