Sign of the times & time of the signs

Dear Editor:
In Hoboken there are a few unwritten rules of etiquette that apply to the posting of signs/fliers. You don’t have to be interested in, or approve of, whatever is being promoted; but either way; you just follow the basic rules of a civilized society: a) you ask the business owner for permission before posting: b) you can post on empty storefronts: c) you can post on public boards, near bus stops. In those instances, you follow additional simple general rules:
• Only remove a posting if the date has passed
• Don’t post over another flier
• You can move something to create a space for your flier but still must leave the other information fully visible.
These past few days have been putting up fliers for an upcoming FBW (Fund for a Better Waterfront) informational/educational event that is scheduled for April 18th through April 21st at the Proto Gallery, Neumann Leather Building. The topic is The Storm Next Time, Will Hoboken Be Ready? It is a question that needs to be asked and the answer is arrived at by defining the problem. It is an important message and the map image on the sign replicates the actual flooding that took place in Hoboken.
Someone keeps tearing these notices down. It is not the wind, or weak taping that causes them to float away because pieces of torn fliers remain in the spots where I did the taping. Someone is deliberately removing them. I don’t know who it is or why they are doing it but, I ask them to stop. For me, it is another example of the slow but steady erosion of civil discourse. Again, you don’t have to agree with the topic or like to see a reminder of what actually occurred. Remember that others may want to listen and to learn and fliers are a way of informing the citizenry of upcoming events. I will re-sign, not resign from the task.
So leave the signs/fliers alone… If you want to take them down, wait until April 22nd. That’s how we do it in Hoboken.

Thank you,
Rose Orozco

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