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Guttenberg to host free integration program for town residents

Mayor Gerald Drasheff and the Guttenberg Town Council, in conjunction with the North Hudson Community Action Corporation (NHCAC), will host an event to help with the “integration of immigrants into the community.” The event will take place on Sunday, April 21 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Anna L. Klein School on 69th Street and Hudson Avenue.
“It’s a great way for people to learn how to more readily integrate into the community and finding out what services are available,” said Director of North Hudson Community Action Programs Rosemary Lavagnino. “When you speak another language and you’re not quite comfortable in English you don’t reach out, and that’s the purpose for having such events.”

Getting immigrants help

“This event introduces a myriad of services to not only immigrants but to other residents in the township,” said NHCAC Executive Assistant Rebecca Acosta.
The topics that will be discussed will include English as a second language, civics; computer literacy, tax preparation and ID’s, immigration information; job placement and interview techniques, health screenings, financial literacy, tax preparation and individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN’s); and the Women Infants and Children (WIC) program. The WIC program provides supplemental nutrition for infants along with pregnant women. There will be a representative discussing breastfeeding as well as health and counseling information.
Roundtable discussions will also be held for immigrants where they can hear stories of those more “established” in the community who can benefit from first-hand experience.

“They are not alone in their endeavors to integrate into the community.” – Rebecca Acosta.
There will be food and refreshments.
“They are not alone in their endeavors to integrate into the community,” said Acosta.
The integration event is open to Guttenberg residents only and for those over 18 years of age. Reservations are needed to attend and residents must contact Marisol Acosta at (201) 868-2315 on extension 152. The reservation deadline is Thursday, April 18.
Due to reduced funding, this will be the only “integration of immigrants into the community” event this year.
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