Let’s meet and discuss

Dear Editor: The following is a open letter to Albio Sires.
Dear Rep. Sires:
With all dues respect, I for one, and your constituents, would like to meet with you in a real “live” Town Hall meeting for a face-to-face communications session of questions and responses concerning the latest actions of the 112th Congress and what the 113th has in store for the next year. The country is in deep fiscal problems, and all we hear is fighting and fighting among the two parties in congress. We have a $16.5 Trillion debt, out of control spending, 7.8 percent unemployment with no light at the end of this serious fiscal default. The Congress continues to kick the can down the road by delaying and pushing back its fiscal responsibilities by continuing to raise the debt ceiling. Social Security and Medicare are in very serious dire straits.
The federal deficit spending is a problematic hindrance to the government and the economy as this deficit only shifts the burden to future generations because it must be paid for eventually, just like any other loan. As of today, every household in the United States owes about $140,000 of this debt. The country is borrowing roughly $6 billion every day, and $239 million every hour. Put another way, that’s $4 million every minute.
History has shown that when government spending increases much faster than spending in the overall economy, the private sector and economy overall suffers. A consensus of economists all agree that there’s lots of people that will lend to us so far as long as our debt doesn’t get so large they become suspicious that we’ll pay it back. But, If we don’t correct this problem, interest will tend to dominate our whole spending — it’ll be greater than defense or Social Security. We have history to guide us. When debt gets too high, people are skeptical about lending, then you run into a crisis like we’ve seen in Greece and many other countries. So it’s dangerous when it gets too high, and we are moving close to that dangerous level every day.”
And the issue of “Gun Control” must be addressed rationally and constitutionally without resorting to emotional responses that would deny Americans their 2nd Amendment rights. It’s all about guns in the hands of bad people that kill people — but guns in the hands of good and responsible people do not kill people — and the data proves that all across the states.
The list goes on and on with issues of the deepest and most alarming concern to all Americans. I’ve written you a number of times both here and with email on your website but have not received one answer. Your silence speaks louder than words — my next course of action is the press because we have a representative in Congress who will not interact with his constituency. This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to problems facing our nation. Will you meet with your constituency to answer these questions?

Very Concerned,
John Amato

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