High school students perform with maturity

Dear Editor:
A bold and rewarding choice often we hear about how difficult it is to be a young person growing up these days. Teenagers in 2013 must deal with cyber bullying and social media; we frequently complain that they “grow up too fast” and we wish they lived in a “simpler time”. The musical performance of RENT at Hoboken High School reminded me that in some very important ways times have changed for the better.
RENT is a musical which deals with very difficult subjects such as death, drugs, AIDS, homosexuality, sexuality, and gender yet the high school cast of the musical performed it with maturity. I found it remarkable to think how far we have come as a society that these high school students were not only comfortable performing RENT, but that there was no controversy surrounding it. I commend the performers, musicians, crew, and everyone involved in making this musical and those who allowed these young people to pursue this bold and rewarding choice. They are a talented group of young people and I encourage everyone in the community to take advantage of this dynamic live theater taking place right in your own backyard.

Molly Makris

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