Don’t close the Skyway!

Dear Editor:
The State of New Jersey’s decision, which was announced late last week, to close the inbound Pulaski Skyway for two years will represent vast economic disruption to the workforce, residents and suppliers to numerous Hudson County based businesses. Without providing adequate replacement routes, an economic impact study and traffic studies, the State of New Jersey made a decision which will have long range impacts on existing businesses as well as future development in Hudson County. The movement of goods via commercial vehicles will be especially hard hit.
As a daily commuter on the Skyway: I can verify that the Truck Route 1 and 9 is at capacity during rush hour; the Turnpike Extension is at capacity during rush hour; the Route 7 approach to Jersey City over the Wittpenn Bridge is at capacity as well.
I am urging you to tell the State of New Jersey to take this back to the drawing board and come up with a wide range of suitable options at this time including, but not limited to, an additional parallel roadway, a connection from Tonnelle Avenue to Exit 15X (Secaucus) and any other ideas which will avoid a traffic and economic catastrophe.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Bret Harwood
Harwood Properties
Welcome Parking LLC

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