Nearing the pinnacle of the storm

Dear Editor:
Nearing the pinnacle of the storm, as the worst possible scenario loomed I approached our busy mayor with the plea that many of us Seniors needed life sustaining medicines and were unable to acquire our meds because of the flooding. She reopened several drugstores, called pharmacies to open and meds became available at no cost, low cost and pay me later cost for many of us, including several children that I know about, and many that I don’t. Lines were long at drugstores…..and they complied.
I would like to thank Rite Aid, Tuckers, CVS, Health Fair Pharmacy and others who waded with the mayor right through their own personal flooding and emergency issues to keep us alive.
An emergency number for meds was immediately set up and passed along on our charged cell phones and word of mouth to those in need. (732) 685-2091 thank you cell chargers and Mayor Zimmer….
I wonder how many casualties would have resulted if this issue was not addressed for all involved in the same. I am humbled in gratitude by so many who rose to the occasion and did so much….a simple Thank you for my life doesn’t seem to be enough…..

Margaret O’Brien-diabetic and
Citizen of a great city

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