HOBOKEN BREAKING NEWS: Children from around the country mail their Halloween ‘loot’ to Hoboken kids affected by Hurricane Sandy; Sisters write, ‘We know they could not go trick-or-treating’

HOBOKEN AND BEYOND — The letters have been coming in. Coming from Highland Park, Illinois. Coming from Milton, Massachusetts, and an unspecified town in Rhode Island. Kids (and some adults) from all over the country are writing letters to Hoboken Mayor Zimmer and including some of their stash of Halloween candy, as Hoboken kids didn’t get to go trick-or-treating this Oct. 31 due to Hurricane Sandy’s arrival on Monday, Oct. 29.
Most of Hoboken only got power back this past weekend. While Gov. Chris Christie moved Halloween in New Jersey to this past Monday, Hoboken residents were still pulling soaked furniture out of their basements, and school only resumed Thursday.
Mary Peyton and Madison Peyton from Illinois wrote: “Dear Mayor Zimmer, We hope you can give some of our candy to the kids of your town. We know they could not go trick or treating.”
Dana Bell of Illinois wrote, “Dear mayor of Hoboken, I’m sorry that your town has been destroyed. Here is Halloween candy for the kids that did not get to have Halloween.”
The city has rescheduled its longstanding Ragamuffin Hallloween Parade for this Monday at 4 p.m. on Washington Street. There may be some trick-or-treating to go with it, particularly at the stores of Washington Street.

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