Scores announced for PeeWee League

During week six of the St. Mary’s PeeWee Basketball League, in the Boys’ League, the Hoyas defeated the Hornets, 30-28. Scoring for the Hoyas were Landon Paradine, 25; Nicholas Pelliccio, 2; William Doering, 2; and Andrew Smith, 1. For the Hornets, Vincent Mattiello, 12; Tyler Johnson, 6; Christopher Valencia, 7; Jack O’Donnell, 2; and Dylan Kielb, 1; scored points.
The Lakers beat the Pirates, 23-20. Scoring for the Lakers were Elijah Flourney, 19; Justin Evanecky, 2; and Marek Mickiewicz, 2. For the Pirates, Matthew Nilan, 18; and Nicholas Escobar, 2; scored.
The Rams defeated the Knicks, 22-19. Scoring for the Rams were Devin Gomez, 13; Avery Powel, 7; and Gregory Van Sant, 2. For the Knicks, Ryan Rzepinski, 12; Jeffery Van Sant, 6; and Matthew Dobronsky, 1; scored points.
In the Girls’ League, the Rams beat the Hoyas, 18-10. Scoring for the Rams were Tamia Phillips, 12; Jazmyn Maldonado, 4; and Elena Vodychko, 2. For the Hoyas, Brigid McCabe, 6; and Jessica Van Sant, 4; scored.
The Pirates defeated the Blue Devils, 7-6. Scoring for the Pirates were Emily Walsh, 6; and Megan Feeley, 1. For the Blue Devils, Kayla Klumpp, 5; and Annie O’Neill, 1; scored points.


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