Oresko shelter did an outstanding job

To the Editor:

I don’t even know how to begin this letter of thanks. My mother Arlene was a resident of the Nicholas Oresko School shelter due to her oxygen needs. Without power and feeling very helpless, we had to realize that this was the best place for her needs. From the bottom of our hearts, our family wants to thank the Bayonne Police Department and their youth program volunteers who went above and beyond in protecting the residents, helping hand out food, providing a safe and secure environment and doing it with compassion and care; to McCabe’s, especially Ray who was truly devoted to everyone’s care; the Board of Education; Bayonne School of Nursing; Conway Cleaning Company; the many countless devoted volunteers; and the janitorial staff, who did an outstanding job in keeping the shelter absolutely spotless and clean for the residents.
A special thanks to the residents in Room No. 104. Everyone built such a strong sense of community and took care of each other during this difficult time. I wish you all continued good health. A special thanks to the Bayonne Diner, including the Coviello family and staff, Broadway Bagels, to my friends and family for helping in the shelter to give out whatever we had to the residents, whether it be a few juice boxes or food. It was all greatly appreciated and shared by many!
To my wonderful neighbors and friends of downtown Sixth Street and the Avenue C area, commonly referred to as “God country” and now I know why it is given this name because we are truly blessed to have a wonderful caring community. We shared and helped each other and the love and compassion is something that Hurricane Sandy could not destroy!
Lastly, thank you, Mom, for teaching us to be caring and giving, to love our fellow man, and above all to have respect for ourselves and the others around us. It was just easy and natural to care and love those around us during this most difficult time. If I forgot to mention anyone or any group, know that your efforts and devotion are truly appreciated. I am proud to be a citizen of Bayonne. I have great pride in how our community pulled together and how the city and all the groups and organizations provided relief and help to all. Thank you!


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