Mt. Carmel Lyceum bowling begins

The Mount Carmel Lyceum Men’s Bowling League began its new season on Sept. 5. A total of 44 bowlers will compete in the spirit of brotherhood for the league championship over a long season that will conclude on May 8. The historic league has been in existence for decades and continues to thrive with old and new members.
The league officers sincerely thank the sponsors for the continued support: Amspec Services LLC; the Bridgemen Alumni; Broadway Bus; Dworzanki’s Funeral Home; Fryczynski’s Funeral Home; John’s Midtown Tavern; Kiczek’s Esquires; Kuhl’s Sports Tavern; National Soda; Starting Point Bar and Grill; and Supreme Tours.
In the most recent league action on Oct. 17, the bowlers continued to see high scoring at Hudson Lanes, with the top series of the night going to Jack Nilan with a 732 total. Dave Magarban followed closely with a 707 series.
The 600 series club included: Emil Massa, 688; Keith Reed, 680; Rich Traver, 658; Joe Lake, 652; Marc Festino, 651; Mike Peregrin, 644; Tom Magarban, 614; and Joe Mirabella, 601.
The 200 games of the night went to: Pete Magarban, 260; Joe Lake, 259; Ed Lubach Jr., 218; Brian O’Conner, 213; Ken Korzun, 209; Albert Faccioli, 206; Joe Lubach, 204; Kerry Fryczynski, 204; John Kaczka, 203; Matt Mayer, 202; Joe Kaczka, 202; and Harry Ashe, 202.
Other high games were by: Richard Height, 199; Kevin Leone, 197; Bob Baranauskas, 197; Bob Martelli, 195; Nick Musica, 193; John McCollum, 193; Dain Yurechko, 193; Bob Lesiak, 192; Adam Konecko, 192; Kyle Yurechko, 185; Jim Elias, 179; Frank Giovinazzo, 178; Ken Zajac Jr., 177; Ed Lubach Sr., 174; Steve Mallardi Jr., 172; Joe Beebe, 164; Artie Bernard Jr., 159; Marco Megaro, 143; and Frank Polomski, 139.
Team results are as follows: Fryczynski’s took four points from Bridgemen; Supreme Tours took seven from John’s Midtown; Broadway Bus took seven from National Soda; Kiczek’s Esquires took five from Dworzanski’s; Kuhl’s Tavern took seven from Starting Point; and Amspec collected seven points.


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