‘Expensive drugs’ stolen from Willow Pharmacy in Hoboken during Hurricane Sandy; store open for business

HOBOKEN — Willow Pharmacy, 900 Willow Ave. in Hoboken, was burglarized of their drugs during Hurricane Sandy. Looters broke in through the front window and made off with what owner Frank Lavinio described as “expensive drugs.”
Lavinio explained that the thief did not get a hold of any “controls” (like Percocet) or any other drugs with street value.
“Those drugs are locked up in a safe,” said Lavinio. “But there is a grey market so they might be selling to other types of pharmacies. What they targeted were the expensive drugs, so whoever did this knew what they were doing.”
The store is open for business.
The investigation is ongoing. Lavinio said the store is working to replenish what was stolen.
“We’re doin’ okay,” Lavinio said Thursday.

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