Some election results in Jersey City; Hoboken temporarily bans press from clerk’s office; stay tuned

HOBOKEN AND JERSEY CITY — With 90 percent of the machine votes counted as of 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, Diane Coleman was far ahead in the voting for Jersey City’s Ward F seat. Coleman had 3,332 votes. Michele Massey had 1,869, and Tyrone Ballon and Debbie Walker had 510 and 246 respectively.
In Hoboken, no results were reported as of 9:30. The City Clerk’s office had banned press from City Hall after 8, as some results were still not in yet. We will bring you results as we receive them. Three school board seats are in contention, and there are public questions regarding when to hold municipal elections and the future of rent control.
At 9:30, Pres. Obama was far ahead of Mitt Romney in the presidential race, ahead approximately 5:1. Other Democratic candidates also appeared to be winning in landslides.
Keep watching for updates.

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