Bayonne to clean up ancient oil

BAYONNE — Oil from previously saturated oil terminal land on the east side of the town rose up in the rising tide of Hurricane Sandy and flowed into a section of residential Bayonne this week, city officials confirmed – and in some cases entered basements along with the tidal water.
City Business Administrator Steve Gallo said the city has hired two firms – one of which is Ken’s Marine (a firm that played a significant role in the clean up of the BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago) – to begin cleaning up, as well as hired Mike Novak’s firm in Hoboken, Atlantic Environmental Solutions, to help evaluate the situation.
Gallo said the city will clean up exterior areas of the oil, but has given information to residents to seek help from FEMA about the interior issues.
“We’ve already contacted the EPA and DEP about this and we’re meeting with FEMA tomorrow (Wednesday,)” Gallo said. “We are going to investigate and try to find the source and the responsible parties.”
The oil affected areas from 19th to 22nd streets and from Prospect Avenue to Avenue F, and appeared to come into the area in blotches with the tide.

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