Residents of certain Bayonne neighborhoods urged to evacuate

BAYONNE — If you live in any of the following neighborhoods, the city of Bayonne urges you to secure your property and evacuate the neighborhood before flooding occurs: South of 3rd Street; homes around Ahern Veterans Stadium, Park Road, and the foot of W. 25th Street;W, 24th Street Trailer Park, The Boatworks; or The Alexan.
“If you live in any of these locations, we urge you to relocate your family for the duration of the storm,” a release from the city said. “You should relocate any vehicles to higher ground or your neighborhood school yard and leave the area. You may go to a friend or relative’s home, or take advantage of emergency shelters created by the City at Oresko School (24th Street andAvenue) or MidtownCommunity School (23rd Street and Avenue A).
For assistance in relocating, you may call 201-858-7183, 201-858-7184, 201-858-5805, or 201-858-6281.
If you are in a safe location, please stay put. Keep tuned to BAY-TV Channel 78 on Cablevision or Channel 42 on FiOS, or go to for important storm-related updates.

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