Warning! Really?

Dear Editor:
You’ve probably been bombarded with activist’s negative propaganda regarding Question No. 2 regarding rent control.
Their flyers, advertisements and volunteers have a penchant for using words like ‘warning’,’ anti-rent control’ deceptive tactics’ ‘eviction’ harassment’ ‘eliminate rent control and jack up rents’ ‘eliminate rent control protections’ ‘there is now a target on your back’! These misleading scare tactics can easily cause one to believe that a ‘yes’ vote will lead a tenant down a road to perdition and misfortune. It is disgraceful that they would unleash this fear in the hearts and minds of Hoboken residents. They are even planning a ‘save rent control blow out’ party and movie showings!
Please let me set the records straight. If you are a senior citizen in a senior citizen building, or are a section 8 resident, or live in Church Towers or Applied Housing or Hoboken Housing or live in a high rise rental built after 1978 you are exempt from rent control. Don’t let the activists tell you otherwise. Don’t get bamboozled! A ‘no’ vote will not grant you immunity from rent increases or evictions if the circumstances are justifiable. In fact, a ‘no’ vote will almost guarantee an increase by means of tax surcharge and water and sewerage surcharge….and cost of living….no negotiations.
It’s offensive the way their promotions refer to all landlords with disdain and portray them as unscrupulous, parsimonious, greedy cheats. A ‘yes’ vote simply lets a landlord negotiate a rent comparative market value when a tenant leaves the apartment and then the rent control rules apply.
You can detach yourself from all this ballyhoo and vote ‘yes’ and stay in the apartment you are presently living in. You decide.

My vote will be an emphatic ‘yes’
Sal DeMeo

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