Jersey City announces shelters; Fulop tells residents to look to NYC, Gov. Christie for guidance re: evacuations

JERSEY CITY — As of early Sunday afternoon, the administration of Mayor Jerramiah Healy hadn’t said whether residents of Jersey City’s low lying areas should evacuate. While the city announced on Friday that it is prepared to shelter hundreds of residents and their pets in city shelters, no updates have been issued as to whether residents should leave their homes.
Ward E City Councilman Steven Fulop — who represents the downtown community, home to many of the city’s lowest lying neighborhoods — was asked for recommendations Sunday and directed the Reporter to this post on his Facebook page:”I don’t have the authority to make the call on evacuation areas as many people have asked but I think people should be aware of the decisions by Bloomberg, Christie, and Cuomo with regards to flood prone areas and not wait for Jersey City to announce something either way when the wind has already picked up and it is getting close to dark for those lower/at risk flood areas. All indications are tha t flooding can be substantial so I think good advice at this stage to prepare and use those other individuals as a barometer especially for elders and children. Same with schools… I would venture based on what you are seeing elsewhere and use as shelters that there will be a formal announcement on that front with regards to school closure – not my authority but I think safe bet there as well and I have conveyed that to the appropriate people. We have been helping residents with issues and concerns as our office gets info so you can email me at with regards to maps, flood zones, pumping areas etc. Finally, I understand from residents that the city is out of sandbags and sand at least at one of the two locations (Montgomery Street). As I get info I will do my best to post here as well but again please reach out with questions and stay safe. ”
Middle School 4, Middle School 7, PS 17, the Martin Center, and the Dickinson High School gym have been announced as public shelters for Monday. Hours were not posed on the school board web site. — E. Assata Wright

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