‘Get off your butts and take interest in Ellis Island.’

Dear Editor:
For the past several years I have been writing to your column and you have graciously printed my articles. I feel I once more must bring attention to my cause with the hope that my efforts will have results. My hope is that if our state and federal representatives are reminded of the need for the development of the New Jersey side of Ellis Island that our national landmark will become a source of great pride for New Jersey instead of the cash cow it is for New York.

Developing the New Jersey side of Ellis Island would generate:
1) New and continuous employment for the state.
2) Increase tax dollars for the state.
3) Develop a tourist attraction that has the potential for creating new income for the state and local businesses.
4) Restoration of a majestic historic site.

Our state currently has the fifth highest tax rate in the nation, yet we rank forty-fifth in realizing the benefit of the taxes collected. The bottom line here is that we have staring us in the face daily the opportunity to help so many of our citizens who need it most in these hard economic times. But we continue to be bested by New York. We supply New York with everything it needs to operate “their” side of Ellis Island while we ignore our side leaving it in disrepair.
I believe we have the best country in the world. I served my country, my state, and my city. I believe we have it within us to do the right thing I just think our leaders need to be reminded. So here is my reminder, utilize our natural resources, create much needed employment and honor our ancestors. Get off your butts and take interest in Ellis Island.
In closing I would like to remind everyone that our country is at war and our service men and woman are overseas making sure we all can be safe and sleep peacefully at night. Please keep them in your prayers and honor them when they come home. They honor you every day. Thank you and God Bless.

Al Rinn

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