Eastwood and his imaginary chair

Dear Editor:
Memory at 82 may be a real problem. Not all the times, but some times.
Our dear old man Clint forgot to bring more chairs that day.
He needed them for each and all of the VP’s and Senior VP’s of Lehman Brothers (the beginning of the end). For the fat boys of AGI. Of Merrill Lynch. Of all the bankers that invented those inflated prices of homes that good citizens of medium class saw disappear like money gambled in Atlantic City.
Empty chairs for all those who invented during the Bush years, and before, the incredible racquet of the credit cards. Empty chairs for the heads of those companies who sent their industries to China to make more profit and live their sweet life. And empty chairs for those who deposited their moneys in Caiman Islands, Bahamas and all places where they could hide the profits from the American taxpayers.
Yes. The old man Clint has a failing memory of what happened in 2006, before and after.
Yes, to arrive at 82 can, sometimes, be a shame.

Carlos M. Aguiar

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