RECAP: Snooki & Jwoww, episode 6; Made with Love and Powerhouse featured!

Since the latest MTV reality show, a spinoff of ‘Jersey Shore,’ was filmed in Jersey City, our talented intern, Yarleen Hernandez, is writing recaps. Enjoy!

JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND — So this week at Snooki and JWOWW’s animal print pad, Snooki’s sex drive has finally reignited. Meanwhile, Roger hasn’t gotten any play from Jenni and is seen desperate for some action. “Roger’s sex drive is like a 16- year-old boy,” said Jenni. Some would not complain about that.
Jenni wants to go out dancing but Snooki’s usual partying antics have fizzled due to her pregnancy.
“You and Jionni can still dance; a lot of women use it for cardio,” said Jenni.
Jenni’s dogs poop and pee all over the house.
“I would love more than anything for my dogs to be potty-trained. I need the f-ing dog-whisperer,” said Jenni.
The girls head to K9dergarten, a doggy day care on Newark Avenue, to drop off Noelle and Bella to be primped and trained.
Snooki decides to sign up as a volunteer. Fair warning to all dog owners.
“I went to school to be a vet tech and I think it would be really cool to actually volunteer at K9dergarten because you know, I never really did anything with my schooling,” said Snooki. Wow Snooks, didn’t know you could read, let alone graduate from high school. Impressive.
“Nicole doesn’t want to pick up poop and she’s freaked out by big dogs so I don’t know why she wants to volunteer, but she wants to do it so she better do a damn good job cause I need that discount,” said Jenni. Yes, because you haven’t earned any money from being on the show.
At the daycare, the girls meet Joey, an employee at K9dergarten. “Maybe all the Joeys in the Tri-State area are gay, and that’s awesome,” said Snooki.
The girls later go to Legal Grounds coffee company on Grand Street to grab a bite to eat. They soon discover that they are definitely kindred hearts when it comes to relationships and cheating. “I hope my kids aren’t like that,” said Snooki.
Back at home, Jenni wakes up Snooki to volunteer at her new job.
Jenni says that she wants to learn how to cook organic food.
“Organic, like gross food,” said Snooki.
“I’m a good cook but I don’t cook outside the box. I want to like learn how to do it without, you know, Googling it,” said Jenni.
Snooki is half an hour late to volunteer at K9dergarten. “It’s not a job;, it’s volunteer,” notes Snooks.
At K9dergarten, Snooki bonds with Bella while the other dogs jump all over her.
Later, the girls go to Crystal Nail & Spa on Warren Street and Jenni makes an appointment at the hair salon.
“So tonight I want to go to Powerhouse and check it out. I heard they have really good music and we’ve been busting our ass and doing this house and getting everything done that we haven’t took out time to enjoy,” said Jenni.
Snooki gets sensitive when Jenni tells the manicurist that Snooki is “knocked up.”
“Calm down, hormonal,” Jenni says to Snooki.
“I’m scared for the future because if Nicole is acting like this in her first trimester, what’s gonna happen in the next two,” said Jenni. Momzilla for sure.
Snooki then drops off Jenni at her cooking class at Made with Love Artisan Bakery & Cafe on Jersey Ave. Yay for Jersey City small businesses getting publicity! Eat your heart out, Hoboken.
Jenni meets Ashley, her baking partner, who is trying to impress her Austrian boyfriend whose parents are professional bakers. Jenni later invites Ashley to go to Powerhouse with her and Snooks. Back at home, Snooki gets a little jelly over Jenni’s new friend. “Why are you inviting the whole world?” says Snooki. “I just want to go to dinner with you.”
“I mean, it’s really not my fault that I met someone that’s a genuinely nice person and I’m sure Nicole will get over it,” said Jenni.
The girls finally arrive at Powerhouse lounge on Marin Boulevard and meet up with Ashley, the baker. Snooki’s jealousy quickly fades as she realizes Ashley is actually “a really, really nice chick.”
Predictably, the girls attract a creep at the lounge who wants to buy them drinks.
“If this guy buys us drinks he could probably slip us roofies and I’m pregnant and I don’t do that anymore. Well, not like I ever did that, but that’s gross,” said Snooki.
“I’m scared of creepy people but I’m not scared because I have Jenni, and Jenni would f—– kill him,” said Snooki.
“If I had to, yeah,” replied Jenni. “I’d stab him in the eye.”
Nothing actually happens at the club. Looks like they need Situation and Paulie around. The girls leave without much drama.
The next morning Jenni receives a phone call from a very upset Roger.
“Um listen, I don’t even know how to go about this uh, I just heard some stuff, you know, on the radio this morning and then I called your dad and got completely lied to by him,” said Roger.
Apparently, Jenni is being sued and Roger believes it was kept a secret from him.
“All you do is lie to me, Jenni,” said Roger.
“I have no idea why Roger’s acting the way that he is and I had no idea I have a lawsuit against me right now that he knows more about than I do,” said Jenni. “Trust is definitely the most important thing to Roger, and not lying, so he f— up by dating me.”
A preview for next week’s episode shows Jenni slamming her bedroom door shut and saying she doesn’t want Roger to come. Then Roger shares some of his “parenting” wisdom with Jionni. We didn’t know you had kids, Roger.
Tune in this Thursday for more of the Roger/Jenni drama and more of a whiny, pregnant Snooki.

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