An open invitation

Dear Editor:
I may have to do this alone, if so, so be it. But in the spirit of democracy and to encourage civic participation by the people in Union City, I issue an invitation. This invitation is to join me in the first tree census (count) in Union City. I invite Mayor Stack, (Brian) and the Board of Commissioners. I invite residents of our county who live in cities with the Tree City distinction. And I invite adults with a pioneering spirit and love of trees. I hope to begin this month and to complete by September. One aim is to present my (our) findings to the Board of Commissioners and recommend a canopy study. Please feel free to contact me. I am listed in the White Pages. I prefer if you have a basic knowledge of tree identification. You must be prepared to make a record of your findings, measure girth, walk in the heat, commit some time to an assigned block(s) and respect public and private property to avoid trespassing. Recording where back yard trees are is a big challenge so this count will be an approximation. If you know of a “Champion Tree” in Union City peculiar for longevity, height, or girth, please let me know. No, I am not crazy. But I do delight in trees. Hopefully you feel the same and will join me (us).

Tony Squire

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