Green Hoboken committee chairman urges faster flood mediation steps

HOBOKEN — The head of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition’s Green Committee emailed a letter to the media on Thursday addressing the flood problems that have plagued Hoboken for years. While the city has taken steps to alleviate the problems, the letter begs for faster solutions.
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An open to letter to Mayor Zimmer, Hoboken City Council members and Hoboken Residents:

Recently we experienced some much needed rainfall, which resulted in relief from the current heat wave, and water for our street trees and plantings. Unfortunately, it also resulted in flooding in the streets and various properties around the city. The storm that occurred on July 18th did so during low tide and the recently operational wet weather pump station was unable to keep safe the typical flood-prone streets, homes and businesses. The pump is a necessary tool in our efforts to minimize and ultimately eliminate flooding in Hoboken; it has been extremely effective in previous storms and was able to quickly dry these areas once the storm subsided.

However, these efforts must be continued and expanded, and done so with haste. The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition’s Committee for a Green Hoboken has worked with Mayor Zimmer’s administration and the City Council to put in place a “Green Building” Incentive Program, with a strong emphasis on stormwater management. This program will incentivize home owners, business owners, builders and developers to implement a series of local, yet widespread, measures to help reduce the impact on our aging, over burden combined sewer system. The incentives include a wide range of measures including, but not limited to installation of low flow plumbing fixtures, rain barrels, drywells, vegetated “green” roofs, ground level landscaping, pervious pavement and street trees. However, the program has yet to come before the city council for the public vetting process.

Please join the online petition started by the Hoboken QLC’s Committee for a Green Hoboken and Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Planning & Sustainability Council to bring this incentive program before the city council. The petition can be found at:

For more information on the incentive program and for tips on how to prevent and manage flooding please go to


Thomas Charter, PE

Chairman, Hoboken QLC’s Committee for a Green Hoboken

Co-Chair, Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Planning & Sustainability Council

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