TAKE THAT, FACEBOOK: New “antisocial” application launches in Hoboken and Chelsea

HOBOKEN — A new “antisocial” application that seeks to change the way people connect with each other has officially launched in Hoboken and Chelsea this morning.
Individuals or groups with the app can log-on within a coffee shop, restaurant, or even their homes to connect with other users throughout Hoboken.
Users who allow it will be detectable by others that are using the application within Hoboken.
The app will finally open Hoboken up to what was formerly impossible: a Dunkin’ Donuts lover can now have a blind coffee date with another user in their favorite Starbucks.
The application is connected to Facebook and allows its users to chat or discover more information about different people throughout the city.
The free application, developed by former resident Phil Shpilberg, was offered exclusively to the Hoboken and Chelsea areas as of today.
According to Shpilberg, users can customize privacy settings if they do not want to chat.
The application is available for iPhone and iPod touch, and is currently being finalized for the Android platform.
To find out more, read this weekend’s Hoboken Reporter in print or at hudsonreporter.com. –Stephen LaMarca

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