Thank you, Head Start

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter as a personal thank you to all the staff at the Bayonne Head Start. I would like everyone to know what an excellent program this is for children ages three to five.
My son Michael was among the graduating class of 2012 recently. As a parent and former Head Start graduate – Class of 1983 – I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire staff. My son learned an extraordinary amount from these teachers. They take the time to get to know each individual student and teach them, as well as learn from them. Each and every teacher deserves appreciation in this facility.
I am grateful that this program is still around and I hope that it will continue to grow as the years go on. Not only was my son a student, but my husband and myself were active in the parent programs – both of us sitting on the Policy Council. I would also like to thank the BEOF and Ana Quintela for continuing to live our Eleanor Tiefenwerth’s dreams both with the BEOF and the Head Start programs.
A very special thank you to Miss Rosemary, Miss Carol, Miss Meylnda, Miss Maria, Miss Blanca, Miss Diane, Miss Michelle, Miss Barbara, Miss Lisa, and Miss T. With your help and guidance, my son learned and grew and came out of the program with more knowledge and self-awareness than a parent could ever hope for. Thank you again to everyone. My son will hold you in his heart forever.


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