Response to Budnik

To the Editor:
Writer John Budnik (May 9, 2012) said “support American citizens,” and I totally agree. But John didn’t bother to tell the whole story. John didn’t mention that Mexico’s economy has improved considerably. And there has been fewer and fewer “illegals” crossing the border over the last few years because of their better economy and from an increase of border patrols (double the number). There’s been an enormous number of illegals deported at the same time, the most in history.
The Social Security Administration’s chief actuary estimates that illegals have contributed almost $240 billion to the system – money they will never get back. Huge numbers of businesses depend on temporary immigrant workers. And the Cato Institute calculates that deporting just 30 percent of illegal immigrants would cost the economy over $80 to $100 billion.
In reality, the country must provide a path to citizenship for illegals who pay taxes and fines and learn English. It is idiotic to believe we can deport over 11 million so-called illegals. It would take us decades and at an outrageous cost we can’t afford.
The whole system has to be transformed. We’re on the right track with all the deportation that’s been taking place. It can’t happen overnight. We’re doing great and everyone agrees more has to be done. This is an on-going issue in this country for decades and it’s not going away.


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