Mr. Softee targeted again

Dear Editor:
Well folks, here we go again, another beautiful summer has come and gone, and although the many have enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine, a certain select group of others have once again decided to spend all their free time attempting to destroy a gentleman and a local Hoboken business owner: Mr. Softee.
Mr. Softee has been an undeniable icon in Hoboken for well over two decades, bringing both happiness and joy to many Hobokenites and children with a simple pleasure of a quality product at a low price. In fact, every time you see Mr. Softee the truck is surrounded by a large group of happy children eagerly waiting for some cold ice cream without any problems or incidents what so ever. Interestingly but to no surprise, the same group of “do nothings” that have been targeting Mr. Softee of late have absolutely nothing better to do than to constantly complaint about something, anything, all menial of course, while forgetting that there are much bigger issues going on not only in the City of Hoboken but around the world other than their personal dislike of Mr. Softee.
What satisfaction or pleasure these individuals gain by targeting someone whom has never caused a problem for anyone ever and is simply trying to make an honest living is beyond my comprehension. In a time where jobs are scarce, Americans are losing their homes, unemployment is at its all time high and the country is bordering on another depression, to think that certain individuals would go out of their way with bogus or menial complaints to destroy the livelihood of a hard working honest American is outright disgusting.
Some of the bogus complaints range from the truck’s location to public parks, the engine is too loud, the engine smells, or the music is disturbing, etc. Regardless the same individuals never seem to have any complaints about NJ Transit buses whose engines are up to four times louder, give off additional fumes, and are much more noisier than any ice cream truck in the U.S. Amusingly the same complainers seem to forget that they reside in a square mile city that has been one of the most fastest growing small cities in the country where there are going to be urban noises and other “nuisances” that comes with the convenience of living in an active thriving city like Hoboken.
It is clear to me that the solution to the problem is quite simple: if you cannot handle, or dislike, the urban sounds of Hoboken, you are more than welcome to relocate out of the city because to be quite frank about the matter it is you that are not welcome here, not Mr. Softee.

Respectfully Submitted,
Life-long Hoboken Resident,
Mark Aurigemma

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