Both failed in delivering their promise to voters

Dear Editor:
A few days before election day, the public received a flyer from candidates Ray Velazquez and Kalimah Ahmad. Among many claims on the flyer, as well as the television ad, the candidates stated they will make “millionaires pay their fair share (of taxes.)”
Both candidates had a chance to prove this statement when they voted on the Goya tax abatement. This billion dollar corporation puts its owners in the 1 percent of privilege taxpayers. Velazquez abstained on the vote and Ahmad voted to give the abatement. Both failed in delivering their promise to voters that they would make millionaires pay their fair share of taxes. Homeowners who are in the 99 percent of taxpayers will have to pay for Goya’s board of education taxes.
The state agreement with Goya also means there will be less revenue for social services because Goya has $81.9 million in tax breaks.

Yvonne Balcer

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