Can Hoboken pay its bills? City council to address new food truck law, financial issues in Monday meeting; watch it LIVE here

HOBOKEN – The Hoboken City Council, on Monday night, was scheduled to address a new proposed food truck ordinance that would enact stricter rules for vendors in the city. The ordinance, which needs to be approved at two meetings before going into effect, would set new regulations for the truck operators, including higher permit fees and new parking regulations. A group of vendors had planned to attend the meeting in opposition to the proposed law.
The council was also expected to address an ordinance that would reallocate budget line items. At the last meeting, four members of the council allied against Mayor Dawn Zimmer voted against reallocating the funds. The council members asked for more information at the meeting. However, last week, the state Department of Community Affairs sent a letter to the council urging them to approve the transfer of funds.
“Your failure to act on the transfer resolution, place the municipality in jeopardy of violating statutory law and fiscal
distress as any over-expenditures or deferred charges must be raised in the subsequent year’s budget within the spending and levy limitations of the cap laws,” wrote Thomas Neff, the director of the Division of Local Government Services.
Bond ordinances need six votes to pass, but Zimmer has only five allies on the nine member council.
It is in violation of state statute to spend any money that involves the expenditure of money for any purpose if there’s no appropriation, according to the letter. If the council does not approve the transfer, the city will not be able to pay bills and could face a state takeover.
Watch the meeting live right here on and keep reading for more coverage of the meeting. – Ray Smith

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