Thank you to all who assisted me

Dear Editor:
Recently, due to a fall I suffered a serious cut and needed emergency medical attention. Due to the actions of several people I received the care I needed. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful friends, neighbors, and emergency workers that assisted me. To my dear friends and neighbors, especially, Rose Traficante, words will never suffice to show how grateful I am. To the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp, especially, Tommy Molta and the Hoboken Fire Dept., thank you for your quick response in my time of need. Mr. Molta has served this city for many years with both the Hoboken Fire Dept. and the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp. He was the first emergency worker to reach me and immediately assessed my situation. I am forever grateful for his help. I, also, must thank the staff at Hoboken University Emergency Dept. for their care. I, especially, would like to thank Nurse Liz.

Yours Truly,
Lena Rhodes

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