Open letter to Council people Lopez and Donnelly:

The council needs to pass a strong resolution requesting the US Postal Services to keep both the post offices open.
I attended the hearing for west side post office closure, it was nothing but an eye-wash. Looks like some one in Washington D.C at their central office, without doing a proper feasibility study decided to close these offices. They call it a hearing, but, no one was even taking minutes!
We have quite a few senior citizens buildings near five corners library and it will be a lot of stress for them in case they close five corners facility.
Also, the wait time will further increase in JSQ post office to Newark Ave based businesses and a great discomfort to even find parking.
I request you to pass a resolution, requesting them to keep this facility open.
The USPS has not been addressing the revenue issue, instead they are punishing the little guys like us. For example if you take the 10 mails that we receive in a week or a month, 8 of them are junk mails. These junk mails in high volume pay 13 cents to 20 cents per mail, on the other hand, little guys like us pay 47 cents. These junk mails are mostly generated by big corporations. They must charge more to these junk mails from the big corporations rather than charging us. USPS is supposed to be service organization to us. These organizations in turn use, FED EX or UPS for their shipping businesses while exploiting USPS for bulk mails. They need to solve their problem innovatively by employing better logistics solutions rather closing post offices. They can as well close all the post offices in Jersey City and use 100 mobile units, so that they can come to us, rather we go to them. This will save lot of money in top management salaries while keeping the ground forces employed! They need to think outside the box…

Thank you very much for looking into this!
Riaz Wahid

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