North Bergen updates police, emergency services

Town commissioners’ meeting discusses grants, contracts, more

Town officials in North Bergen have passed several measures to upgrade the police and Emergency Medical Services departments with new vehicles and equipment.
A resolution was passed at a brief, 20-minute Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday awarding a contract to Ambulance Network, Inc. of Elizabeth in the amount of $98,500 for the purchase of a new ambulance for the township’s EMS department.
Henry Schein, Inc. was awarded a contract for $43,224 to furnish EMS supplies.
A resolution was also passed acknowledging the reception of $10,043 to replace body armor for the Police Department. Issued from the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety Body Armor Replacement Fund, the grant distributes nearly $3.6 million to more than 500 law enforcement agencies.
According to town spokesman Phil Swibinski, the Police Department has also has received new police vehicles. The town will showcase the vehicles during a press photo opportunity next week.
A resolution was also adopted establishing a clothing allowance for the police force for the next year. The amount totaled $74,475 and ranged from $112.50 to $675 per officer.


After receiving reports about a dangerous intersection, Mayor Nicholas Sacco and the commissioners decided to adopt an ordinance barring a left turn at the 45th Street and Bergen Turnpike intersection.
“We just had another accident there Monday,” said Chief William Galvin of the NBPD. “People are parking on the corner and can’t see.”
“It’s a school bus pickup point,” said Captain Robert Dowd, “so we want to make sure it’s safe.”
The commissioners passed a resolution appointing the law firm of Zisa and Hitscherich of Hackensack at a rate of $170 per hour for a case involving another municipality.

Employee conditions

The commissioners adopted an ordinance detailing some of the work conditions of township employees. According to the ordinance, full-time employees work seven hours per day, five days a week, with a one-hour lunch period. New employees receive one sick day and one vacation day per completion of a month of employment.
According to the ordinance, township employees who have completed more than 12 years and 20 years of service are entitled to 20 days and 25 days of vacation leave per year, respectively.

Other affairs

A resolution was passed acknowledging the retirement of Lt. Frank Cannella. A commander of the Detective Bureau and an officer who largely dealt with the media, Cannella’s career spanned 28 years. He was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant in July of 2006.
Cannella was awarded $33,000 for accrued sick and leave time.
The town also passed several resolutions to charge two property owners for cleanup costs after they allegedly failed to remove the accumulation of litter, debris, and other hazards on their premises. The Department of Public Works performed the cleanups, which averaged $500 per property.
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