Spanish Civil War flintrock pistol stolen from WNY residence

WEST NEW YORK AND BEYOND — West New York resident Joanne Olivieri’s antique Spanish Civil War flintlock collectible pistol was allegedly taken from her home on Oct. 1, she told police.
Olivieri told the Reporter that the night before it went missing, she had taken the pistol out to consider having it appraised. Then she left it on the floor. The next day she discovered the pistol was missing, and she called the police.
Police could find no evidence of forced entry, according to a police report. The pistol was not functional, as Olivieri did not possess the small cannons used to load and shoot it.
Olivieri bought the pistol as one of a pair in New Orleans in 1994 as part of her many collections, and gave the other one to her brother, she said.
“It’s a very sentimental piece,” she said, because her daughter, son, and grandchildren have used it for Halloween costumes and played with it over the years.
The pistol is very rare and would be easily identified, as she still has its brass holster piece that broke off at one point while her family was playing with it. She plans to check with local pawn and gun shops and post photos in order to get it back.
“I had planned to pass it on to my son or my grandson, and the loss of it is pretty devastating to me,” Olivieri stated.
Please call the West New York Police Department at (201) 295-5000 or email with any information about the pistol. —Gennarose Pope

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