Safety tips for Halloween

Dear Editor:
As a retired New Jersey State Trooper Captain and former Sheriff of Hudson County I am submitting the following basic tips on safety for this upcoming Halloween holiday to all the little ghosts and goblins who will be celebrating this October 31.
We urge all of our children throughout the County to be safe and to adhere the following: Try not to wear masks that will block your vision while trick or treating, use face paint for all coverings instead of restrictive masks. Always travel in groups with other young people. It is advisable for parents to always accompany the young children on their rounds throughout their neighborhoods. Never enter anyone’s home unless your parent says it is ok and they enter with you to a friend or relative. Do not eat any of the treats until your parent or guardian checks the treat carefully. It is recommended that no treats are consumed unless they are sealed and the seal is not broken. Be extremely careful crossing the streets especially when dusk and darkness set in.
We ask that all drivers of motor vehicles be extremely cautious when on the roads and watch specifically for children crossing the streets. Proceed at a very low rate of speed as a driver never knows when children will run out in the street.
We hope that all our young people enjoy Halloween and remain safe and secure and free from all harm that may hurt them.

Sincerely in Safety,
Juan M. Perez
Retired New Jersey State Trooper Captain
Former Sheriff of Hudson County

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