Don’t punish all tenants because of a few greedy people

Dear Editor:
The deleveraging of America and the world has been going on for some time now. Homes and personal property are not worth what they once were. So many things got out of whack since I have been living in Hoboken these past 24 years I couldn’t believe how quickly and irrationally it was all unfolding. What once was a dwelling for a renter became a building to flip to make easy instant money because of the selfish aspirations of people who bought and sold the very homes of these tenants, never once giving a thought that they were dealing with human beings and the apartments that were their homes.
Rent control rationally kept rents realistic in times of greed and hard times. Rent control has kept some fine citizens in town who give flavor, diversity, and community to a small town. Many contribute to the enjoyment of living in Hoboken. Many keep City Hall aware of its position and many take excellent care of their landlord’s property, respecting and helping out so everyone wins.
It is not easy being a tenant since the landlord could become a specter of threat to eventually propel you from the comfort of your established home. That is why there are rent control and just cause for eviction laws to protect the tenant. Please keep in mind that we all are in this together and can help each other. The landlord will always have his property to sell if he needs to do so. The tenant has only the assurance of rent control to help him not be mistreated.
These are hard times. No, all the rich people are not moving to Hoboken to rent or buy the landlords’ property. Everyone is cutting back. Very few are buying and many people need decent rentals at a decent rent.
On November 8 please vote yes to reject Ordinance Z-88. Let us maintain some decency and respect for all in this town. Owners have reigned throughout history, and some do need a tenant. Even if renters are sometimes viewed as third-class citizens, they have allowed many a person to own property. They always have and always will play an enormous part in the community of Hoboken.

Mary Ondrejka

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